One of two 16-inch gun batteries located at Camp Hero. Each battery consisted of two 16-inch guns built into a man-made hill with the guns connected by approximately 500 feet of underground tunnel for storing shells and powder, generators and latrines. The image used for this site depicts a gun that is similar to the one that had been located in Montauk. At the time of this photo the gun was located at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

As with Battery 112, construction began on Battery 113 - more commonly referred to as Battery Dunn - in March of 1942 and completed in June of 1943. It also cost $1,369,528.61 in period dollars. Equipped with a M1 (serial number 45) and a Mark II (serial number 48), these 16-inch guns were both manufactured by Midvale Steel and Ordnance Company. With a common length of 68 feet and a range of approximately 24 miles, this battery was angled more to the East than it's sister in order to provide approximately 180 degrees of coverage along the coast.

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